It is the first local combine
It is the first all sports combine (not just football)
It is the first combine for boys and girls
You get a t-shirt, an individual stat sheet, and standardized measurements
Measurements certified by Kash J Eagleton, Doctor of Physical Therapy
A portion of each entry fee goes back to the athletic department of his/her school!!!
Standardized measurement of athleticism
Open to any rising high school athlete (grades 9-12)
Open to boys and girls of all sports
Aid in recruiting
Help focus future training
Events (NFL Style):
Electronically timed 40 yard dash (on track, use running shoes)
Vertical jump
Broad jump
Bench press maximum number of reps (185# boys, 65# girls)
Pro agility drill (3 cone)
5-10-5 Shuttle run
Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat percentage
Wing span, height, and weight
$59 pre registration and $69 at the door
You will submit payment online during registration
Cash or check only at the door
Follow directions to sign up for the combine
Be sure and complete the “Release Form” and submit payment
Include your email address to receive your stat sheet after the event
For information on the surface, the facility, or for directions call 540-361-4717 or visit www.fredfieldhouse.com. For more information on the testing or other questions write to Dr. Eagleton at keagleto@hotmail.com or call 540-903-9926
Other notes:
We are using the track and indoor field turf for testing so bring appropriate shoes and wear work out attire. It is one morning, one price, and the reports go to any coach FREE of charge. You can use your report in any way to chose. Athletes will use the information to compare to other athletes, to help get recruited, or to focus your training for next year!
Other Sponsor:
Physical therapists and athletic trainers will be on hand from the Sports Performance Institute (SPI), the premier training center in Fredericksburg to answer any questions from athletes and parents. They can help you train to reach all of your athletic goals!
This will be a great event for the local kids. It will be repeated annually for comparisons and additional exposure for Fredericksburg area athletes. How Good Are You?
Arrive by: 7:00am
Check Ins: 7:00am-8:00am
Group meeting, opening remarks, and warm up: 8:00am-8:30am
Combine Testing in all events: 8:30am-10:30am (approximate)
Closing remarks, data card collection, t-shirt distribution: 10:30am-11:00am