FC Gunners Clinic Super Y Training Camp and ID program

Coachs: Gerry Austin, Cristian Neagu and Martin Dell

Super Y Training Camp 




Super Y 

F.C. Fredericksburg Gunners 

v      Is the highest level of youth competition for clubs around North America 


v      Is designed to help in “professionalizing” player development in the United States.

 v      Primary and permanent goal is to provide a platform for players to develop and be identified at all levels of the game.  

v       We strive to ensure that players develop at a faster pace through the Super Y-League system by playing more often against the best competition.  


v      Players will learn to excel in a pressurized environment, creating fine tuned soccer players ready to take the U.S. game to the next level.  


v      Players are placed in a position where they can display their skills on a divisional and national stage. 

v      Will evaluate players over intense training sessions using the United State Soccer Federation components of coaching soccer in identifying players. 


• Technique• Tactics• Fitness• Psychology 


v       By the end of the program will identify and select players into our Super Y Programs.





v       Will stress proper techniques at every turn to build confidence with the ball and teach many new ways to break down a defense.  


v       Sessions will focus on ball mastery, beating defenders with decisive moves, keeping the ball when under pressure, creative combination play, finishing and small group defending.  


v       In order to get the most out of players we will group them according to age and ability.




U9-U11 @ 6 - 7pm

U12-U14 @ 7 - 8pm

U15-U18 @ 8 - 9pm

5 Week Clinic - $100  November 13- December 18

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