Field House Drop-In Policy

Fredericksburg Field House Drop In Policy

$15.00 Per drop in (League Play)

1. Teams must have 8 registered and fully paid players before drop-ins will be allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS

2. Cost is $15 per game and MUST be paid BEFORE the game starts

3. Teams can have drop in players for any regular season game but not playoffs

4. Drop-Ins DO NOT count towards your league fee. All drop-Ins are separate from our standard $75 adult league fee. Teams can not add players to their roster after week 4 even if they dropped in during the first four weeks (no exceptions). This will not affect the rule on replacing a player with a season ending injury.

5. Teams with unpaid drop-in players risk forfeiting their game.

6. A player can not drop onto a team that is in the same division that they are already rostered for. For example- A player can not drop in for Group 2 if they are already on a 2 team but they can drop in on a group 4 team. Also, for example, a player that is on a group 4 Blue team can drop onto a group 4 Red team.

 Players who lie about their name, use names of other players, or lie about another players name will receive a minimum one game suspension. Players who are caught a second time will receive a one year facility suspension. Teams will be notified of a player suspension and if a team is caught with suspended players on the field the team will receive a full team suspension. The Field House reserves the right to extend the length of any suspension if needed.