Youth Fall Flag Football

Fall Youth Flag Football

                                      September 9th, 2017 -October 28th, 2017                             



       - Games played on Saturdays  with spillover on Sundays between 9:00 AM  -  6:00 PM (Begins September 9th)

       - 14-17 division will be played on Satrudays on the outdoor turf between 9:00 AM                  -6:00 PM (Begins September 9th)

                                                      - 7  games +1 playoff game for all leagues

                                                      - 40 minute games (two 20 minute halves)
                                                      - Rec and ADV Divisions - 6v6                   Outdoor leagues - 7v7

Registration Links

For this season we are offering two divisions per age group. (ex for 4-5 only REC)

League Team Individual

Age 4-5

Click to Register a Team Click to Register an Individual

Age 6-7

Click to Register a Team Click to Register an Individual

Age 8-9

Click to Register a Team Click to Register an Individual

Age 10-11

Click to Register a Team Click to Register an Individual

Age 12-13

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Age 14-17

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Registration Dates Cost
Early Registration Until August 6th $70
Late Registration After September 6th


*The Last Day for Individual Registration ( or Free Agent) is Saturday August 6th. After this date, placement on a team is not guarenteed. *

NEW League Policies:
We have improved the quality and value of our programs to provide the best experience possible. This ensures quality control, competitive balance, and liability coverage for the facility. Below are some of our new policies.

Individual Player Registration (free agent): Players looking for a team must register as an individual looking for a team, the Field House staff will assign themselves to a specific team. We will contact already exsisting teams to see if they are looking for free agents. PLAYERS MAY BE REQUIRED TO SHOW BIRTH CERTIFICATE WHEN REGISTERING!! Individuals will be notified one week before the start of the season of the team they are on. Parent Volunteers are needed for these teams.                 

Check-In: Prior to the start of each league game, coaches and high school league players (14-18 years old) will be required to show a picture ID and check-in with the field marshal. All players need to lin up and check in with the field marshals before the game starts. Players who are not rostered will have to register or pay the substitution fee at the front desk. 

Substitution/Drop-In Policy: A substitute is allowed for any regular season league game. This is a great chance to bring out friends who would like to try out the league but do not want to pay the full registration fee, or players who are only in town for a night or two. The fee is $15 per game. All subs are still reguired to bring proper ID (Birth Certificate, School ID, passport, etc.)  A substitute may play on any team, but may not play on two different teams in the same league on the same night. No substitutes will be allowed during post-season play.

When registering online, if you are not a member you will need to purchase your membership prior to registering for the league.  Once your membership has been purchased you may register for the league.

Refund Policy

    • "Refunds will ONLY be issued in the event of a program cancellation"
    • Injury Policy
      • Two Options Available:
        • Transfer credit to another member (membership fee must be paid)
        • Account can be credited with remaining balance

Substitution Policy
$15/game for players not registered on your roster. Sub fee only applies to one team per night. No subs allowed in the post-season.


Personal Foul/Suspension PDF


Age Cutoffs:

All Rec and ADV division:

- Must fall inside age category at the start of the league (6/24/17) For example some in the 6/7 age group can not turn 8 before 6/24/17. If they turn 8 after the league beings they can play in the league.


For competitive we are followinf the AYF league standards. This means the age cut off date is 7/31/16. The link for those age groups can be found here.


(7 games, + 1 Playoff)

Advanced (Intermediate

7 games + playoff bracket)

Competitive 7v7 Passing

(AAU Modified Rules)

U6 (4,5) U6 (4-5) U8 (6-7)
U8 (6,7) U8 (6-7) U10 (8,9)
U10 (8,9) U10 (8,9) U12 (10,11)
U12 (10,11) U12 (10,11) U14 (12,13)
U14 (12,13) U14 (12,13) High School (14,15,16,17)
High School (14,15,16,17) High School (14,15,16,17)