Winter II Adult Lacrosse

The Winter II Adult Lacrosse league begins play this coming Thursday, January 24, with game times at 8:20 PM and 9:10 PM.  Games will also be at these times the following week, Thursday, January 31, and at 7:30 and 8:20 for all the weeks thereafter.

In addition to changing the night of the league we have changed the format.  Rather than having the same teams as in the past, we are dividing into groups such that each player will be able to play both with and against all other players in the league.  Each player will have a personal win/loss record.

Here’s how it will work: Each player will be assigned to one of four groups.  These groups are solely for determining at what time each week a player should come to the field.  Two groups will come at each game time.  Once at the field, all players will be divided randomly into two teams.  Each individual on the winning team at each game time will recieve points.  The top 25% at the end of the year are the league "champions."

All players who paid for the Winter I league that did not occur have had their payments transferred to Winter II.  All players must register and pay before playing.

Please encourage those who have not registered to do so.  As we only have 50 minutes for each game as opposed to the hour we had on Sundays, pre-registration and payment will reduce waiting time at the front desk.

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