Coach Hanna

Coach Hanna's Bio

B'Day: December 20th

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado


Soccer/Sports Team: Us Womens National Team, Patriots, Bruins & Avalanches       

Color: Navy Blue                                                            Animal: Frog

                                                       Game to Play: Anything!

Food: Baked Mac & Cheese, Ice Cream                Drink: Water & Milkshakes

Movie: The Incredibles                             

Playing Experience: 7 years of Soccer

Coaching Experience: Lil Kickers for 2 years

Why are you coaching Lil' Kickers: I wanted a job that would be new to me every day. Also, I love both soccer and children!

What do you like most about coaching Lil' Kickers: Being able to teach an awesome sport to the younglings and watching them become better than me at it.

Life Motto: The only person I am trying to surpass is who I was yesterday.