Lil Laxers: Lacrosse

Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday
Price: $125 for 10 weeks

Come learn the game of lacrosse with our Lil’ Laxers program!

  • 50 minute classes/$12.50 class
  • Open for boys & girls! Co-ed!
  • 7 students : 1 coach ratio
  • Free shirt with first full season enrollment!

Bring a mouthguard, water bottle, and sneakers. Lacrosse sticks are borrowed on site thanks to US Lacrosse’s Soft Stick grant!


For additional information, contact Blake Olsen at or call (540) 361-4717.

Spring Class Schedule

January 3rd to March 10th
Age Brackets Thursday Saturday
4-5 yrs. 12:00 pm*
6-7 yrs. 6:00 pm 1:00 pm*
8-9 yrs. 7:00 pm 2:00 pm*

 * Please check conformation email for date and time changes