TO: All youth Soccer Players, Coaches, and Parents

RE: Playoffs, Sportsmanship, Summer Soccer and Camps, Next Winter, Red Robin Certificates

We’d like to thank everyone for participating in our Recreation and Competitive Leagues this winter. The playoffs are listed on the league page for each division, not on individual team pages. In most cases, first place will play second place, third will play fourth and so on. Our league software tracks goal differential because we use that metric in our adult leagues. We do not use goal differential in our youth leagues. Do not assume placement for final games based on the standings on the website. The tiebreaker is head to head. If we have ties that cannot be resolved, then we may add extra playoff games to determine seedings and championships.
We’ve had feedback from several different people about sportsmanship of players, parents, and coaches. Please remember these are “fun” leagues and that everyone should behave with the appropriate self-respect. All referees make mistakes and all games will have fouls. The mistakes and fouls are unintentional. Please treat them as such.   Coaches are responsible for the actions of their players and their players’ parents. Our rules are very specific about sportsmanship and teams and players can be sanctioned for the behavior of fans and parents.
Summer Fun
We have lots of soccer fun this coming summer including camp offerings from the following groups:
  • Challenger British Soccer
  • Coerver
  • UK Elite
  • FC Fredericksburg Gunners
  • Fredericksburg Generals
Registration is open now on the web site. Camps are available in full and half day sessions.
We are also offering a brand new summer league, Futsal. This is an indoor soccer game that plays with fewer players, smaller goals, a smaller and heavier ball, and does not use the walls. The goal of the game is to have young players utilize their ball handlings skills more. We will offer an eleven game schedule from June to August for the same price we ordinarily offer eight games. Players can miss two or three games in the course of the summer and still get a full session of playing. Registration opens in March.
Winter 08/09
Next winter we will make a few changes to our Winter I and Winter II soccer schedules. The few problems we had this year were mainly due to mixing of different skill levels in leagues. We have been trying to keep recreation level and competitive level players in separate leagues, but need to make a few changes to continue to have players of similar ability playing each other. These will be the key differences:
  • No travel or classic player may play on a rec team, even if they are the only competitive player. Despite our effort to have rec teams play on the big fields in November and the competitive players in January, we still had many individual travel players participating in our rec leagues.
  • To afford the travel and classic players an opportunity for play in November, we have small-sided leagues (4 v 4) on the little fields during the week during the late afternoon/early evening.
  • Younger age groups will move from the large and medium fields to the small fields. We moved our U6 league there this winter and are pleased with the results. We think U7 and U8 belong there as well. This will also mean more mid-week games.
  • The rec leagues will be divided further into two levels: house leagues and team leagues. We continue to have a competitive difference within the rec leagues between teams that come in with some previous experience together and those that are formed of individuals. We may have to combine age groups in order to have enough players to form leagues.

Free Milkshakes!!!One of our sponsors, Red Robin, has made available free milkshake certificates for all youth players in our Winter II leagues in recognition of their play. These will be given to the coaches of each team on the coming weekends.