Chip Childress and Ernie Baker

Private lessons are $60 per hour or $30 per half hour.

Please contact Ernie Baker directly for group rates at

Baker’s Baseball – Ernie Baker

  • Private lessons for pitching/hitting
  • Summer Conditioning Camp
  • Personal Training
  • Lessons are T-W-TH- from 6-8pm Sat and Sun 10-12pm

About Ernie Baker

Ernie Baker has been coaching baseball for 24 years in the Virginia area. He is a former player with the St. Louis Cardinals with his highest level of play being AAA. Ernie was a professional scout for three different organizations:  St. Louis, Baltimore, and Kansas City.  In addition, teaching and coaching baseball, Ernie has a master’s degree in educational leadership and is currently a physical education teacher in Stafford County.

Private Lessons

Ernie Baker currently offers private and group lessons at the Fredericksburg Field House. Private lessons are $60 per hour or $30 per half hour. Please contact Ernie directly for group rates. His email is:



The Complete Player – Chip Childress

  • Private lessons for pitching, batting, fielding, throwing
  • Throwing and Fielding Camp each Winter
  • Lessons are M-T-W-TH from 6-8pm Sat and Sun 10-3pm

About Chip Childress

Chip Childress is a former professional baseball player with the Atlanta Braves organization. A former middle infielder made it all the way to the AAA Richmond Braves. Chip has been coaching and educating young baseball players for over 20 years since leaving professional baseball. Chip offers private lessons for pitching, batting, fielding and throwing at the Fredericksburg Field House Monday-Thursday from 4 to 8pm and Saturday-Sunday from 10-3pm.

Chip also runs a 4 week throwing and fielding training program each year prior to the start of spring. He will be running his 2019 program starting in February. The program will be each Wednesday in February from 6 – 8pm. For more information regarding private lessons and training please contact Chip Childress directly at: or 540-847-6768


Batting Cage Rental

The Fredericksburg Field House has a high quality batting cage with all necessary equipment to practice pitching and hitting. The cage can be rented for $35/hour depending on availability! To reserve the cage please call us at 540-361-4717.