SPRING ’23: 

April 2 – May 28

Registration Opens March 5


SUMMER ’23: 

June 18 – August 13

Registration Opens May 12


Lil’ Fielders Baseball

  • Our coaches will teach and entertain your child with 50 minutes of creative, high energy and age-appropriate activities that serve as a great introduction to baseball, and help children in their development.

  • Open to boys & girls

  • Late to register? We can prorate the fee!

  • No equipment is necessary for 3 year olds. For 4 and 5 year olds, baseball gloves are recommended.

  • For 3, 4 and 5 year olds, parents are welcome to assist their child until they become comfortable with the instructor.

  • All other equipment is provided. For safety reasons, whiffle balls and bats are used for classes.

  • Please note: Classes are not drop-off, a parent/guardian must be on-site during the class.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

Age Groups

Minors: 3-4 year olds

*Parent/caregiver participation as needed: The Single-A curriculum is designed to have the children begin their baseball experience in a fun environment that introduces the game’s simple basics.


  • Simple base running and base recognition.

  • Hitting, focusing on proper stance and level swing to make contact with the ball off the tee. Introduction to hitting from a pitch.

  • Throwing…point, step, and throw with proper motion and aim.

  • Fielding, with emphasis on using two hands, staying in front of the ball and not falling down.

  • Improved hand/eye coordination.

  • Understanding straightforward game situations, such as throwing a player out.

  • Fitness and agility.

  • Advancement of social skills such as following instructions, taking turns and teamwork.

Majors: 5-7 year olds

*Parent/caregiver participation as needed: The Triple-A curriculum is designed to have the children continue their baseball experience in a fun environment that also reinforces the fundamentals of the game.



  • Base recognition and proper base running techniques.

  • Five steps of hitting with focus on proper form including full swing and hip rotation.

  • Correct throwing mechanics emphasizing accuracy and distance.

  • Proper fielding technique, keeping their body in front of the ball.

  • Using the baseball glove for fielding of line drives and pop fly catches.

  • Learning various offensive and defensive game situations

  • Fitness and agility.

  • Advancement of social skills such as following instructions, taking turns and teamwork.


Class Details

  • Classes are once per week and are 50 minutes long.

  • Times and classes are subject to change.

  •  Dangerous, disruptive or disrespectful behaviors will be dealt with case-by-case and could result in the loss of privilege to participate. No refunds or credits. will be issued if your child is unable to participate due to negative behaviors.


  • Customers may transfer their child at any point in the session. All class transfers are dependent upon space availability.

Make-up Classes

  • Make-ups are done on a space available basis. Make-ups do not carry over into the next session. No refunds will be given for missed classes.


  • No spaces in any class are guaranteed without payment as full payments are due at the time of registration. All registrations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  •  Annual Membership fee of $11 is required for all participants.

Trial Classes

  • Trial classes are only allowed during the first three weeks.

  • Customers may only do trials in classes that have space available.

  • Field House waiver must be completed before stepping onto the field.


  • Refunds will ONLY be given if a class has been canceled.

  • Refunds are not issued due to missed classes. If a child stops coming, a credit to the FFH may be issued, pending approval.