April 2 – May 28

Registration Opens March 5

Lil’ Sweepers is a child development program that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of field hockey to inexperienced players ages 5-13 years old. The program’s ten-week curriculum is designed to teach your child the necessary skills, dedication, teamwork, and passion required to become a future field hockey player on and off the field. Our coaches are trained to instill confidence in the players by creating a fun and challenging atmosphere that will prepare them for future league play.

The program is divided into three different age groups, Cubs (5-7 years old), Tigers (8-10 years old), and Bengals (11-13 years old). Each age group has its own unique curriculum that builds upon itself from week to week to achieve their true field hockey potential.

CLASS LEVELS: Cubs (Ages 5-7) + Tigers (Ages 8-10) + Bengals (11-13)

  • Ask about our no-obligation trial classes

  • Make-up classes are available

  • Classes are held indoors throughout the year

  • Classes are based on availability

  • Annual administrative fee required



Class Transfers
  • Guests can change their child’s class at any time during the Lil’ Sluggers Session.

  • All transfers are dependent on space availability.

Refund Policy
  • Refunds will ONLY be given if a class has been canceled on our end. We will no longer give refunds for missed classes, as make-ups are available.
  • We will also not give refunds if your child does not like the class as free trial classes are available for all classes.
  • This policy includes families on payment plans – we will no longer stop payment plans once your child is committed to their season.
Trial Classes
  • All first-time trial classes are free, and must first be approved by the Youth Development Coordinator

  • Trial classes are dependent on space availability.

  • A Field House waiver must be filled out prior to any trial class, either at our front desk or through DASH.

Make-Up Classes
  • All make-up classes must be scheduled with the Youth Development Coordinator

  • Make-up classes are dependent on space availability.

  • Make-up classes do not carry over between sessions.