Tuesday/Thursday Coed Adult Soccer 


STARTS: July 13, 2023

ENDS: September 21, 2023

Registration Opens May 16

Early Registration Ends June 29

Regular Registration Ends July 6

Stay in shape and have fun with this league for local adult soccer players!

  • Ages 18+

  • Coed

  • 7-game season + postseason play for top teams

  • 50-minute games (two 25-minute halves)

  • All games played on indoor turf fields

  • 6v6 (Includes GK)


  • Schedules for each season will be released during championship week of the previous season

  • 6v6: Maximum of 6 players per side with the following composition:  2 Female and 4 Males. Male player over 50 can substitute for the second female.  The minimum is 3 field players with a female being at least 1 of the 3 players.

  • Coed Division 1: Competitive
  • Coed Division 2: Advanced Recreational
  • Coed Division 3: Recreational
  • Coed Division 4: Advanced Beginners (some experience, returning to the game)
  • Coed Division 5: Beginners (new to the sport)

We have improved the quality and value of our programs to provide the best experience possible. This ensures quality control, competitive balance, and liability coverage for the facility. Here are our main policies.

  • Individual Player Registration (free agent): Players looking for a team must register as an individual looking for a team, the Field House staff will assign themselves to a specific team if we have enough players to do so. We will contact already existing teams to see if they are looking for free agents.
  • Player to team registration: Each player is required to register to a team prior to the start of the season.
  • Check-In: Prior to the start of each league game, players will be required to show a picture ID and check-in with the field marshal. Players can get a picture on file to expedite the check in process. Players who are not rostered will have to register or pay the substitution fee at the front desk.
  • Substitution/Drop-In Policy: A substitute is allowed for any regular season league game. This is a great chance to bring out friends who would like to try out the league but do not want to pay the full registration fee, or players who are only in town for a night or two. The fee is $20 per game. If the game the sub fee was paid for is a forfeit, the player can either play with the teams in a pick-up style game one a forfeit is declared or the sub fee can be used on the player’s next drop-in. Sub Fee can only go towards registration is the remaining balance is paid the same night. No substitutes will be allowed during post-season play. You can only sub for teams that are in your current division or two divisions lower than your top division. 
  • Injury Substitutions & Roster Spot Transfers: Transferring of roster spots can only be done prior to the sixth regular season game. Injuries sustained in our league during the regular season are allowed to be given injury substitutions. All other injuries require a doctor’s note. Injuries sustained during the playoffs will not be subject to injury substitutions.

Any player/coach who is guilty of fighting, physically confronting an official/player, threatening other players or officials, and/or flagrantly attempting to injure another player will be suspended from the league, for a period of time determined by the Director of the League. Additionally, on top of the suspension, players are subject to a fine of $25 for verbal abuse of officials, staff or other players and $50 for physical altercations. Any imposed fine will be determined by the League Director. This fine must be paid before the player is able to return to the facility.

Teams must have 5 paid players prior to registration closing in order to be placed on schedule.

League Champions are entitled to championship T-shirts OR a 20% discount on team registration.


Kick-offs – Ball can go in any direction

Goal Kicks – Ball must leave the Penalty area box before it can be played

Penalty Kicks – are from Twelve yards out

Sliding – Only permitted for goalies.

Goalie Restrictions:

  • Goalie may not punt or drop-kick the ball
  • Goalie has to comply with other restrictions outlined in USSF Laws

Fouls and stoppages:  are the same as FIFA with the same restart as FIFA


  • Red Card: Offending team must play down a player for 5-minutes. Offending player must leave the facility and is subject to a one week suspension minimum.
  • Yellow Card: Offending team must play down a player for 5-miuntes or until opposing team scores a goal. Player must serve the entire 5-minute penalty. Two yellow cards in the same match results in a red card.
  • Blue Card: Offending player must serve 2-minute penalty. Offending team may substitute a player on for the offending player.

Substitutions:  Are on the fly at any stoppage and don’t require the referee’s permission


  • COED 6 v 6: Maximum of 6 players a side with the following composition:  2 Females and 4 Males.  Player over 50 can substitute for second female.  Minimum is 3 field players with a female being at least 1 of the 3 players.

Offsides:  No Offsides enforced for these games

Red Lines: Ball cannot travel in the air across both red lines. Event results in an indirect kick for opposing team at offending team’s red line.

Duration of Game:  Adults (2)-25 mins.

Ties: Regular season games can end in a tie. Playoff games that end regulation tied will go to a 5-minute golden goal period. If still tied after that, game will go to kicks from the arc with the order of kickers being male-female-male.


Click for League Registration Procedure.


  • Early Registration – $90 
  • Regular Registration – $100 
  • Late Registration – $120


Zach Kressler

[email protected]