January 20, 2021

Dear FFH Guests-

We would like to wish all our guests a Happy New Year!! 

As we continue to serve the community and provide an opportunity for youth and adults to participate in sports programs and leagues, we thank you for your continued support and compliance with all FFH policies and COVID restrictions. 

Alcohol Usage

  • Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any guest that attempts to bring in outside alcoholic beverages will be denied entry, and a suspension will ensue. 
  • No alcohol served or consumed at FFH after 10:00P. In order to comply with the Governor’s Executive order last call will be made by 9:30P, and all alcohol consumption must cease at 10:00P. Adherence and compliance to this policy is imperative. A suspension will ensue in matters of noncompliance. 

Face Masks/Coverings

  • All FFH guests over the age of 5 are required to wear a face mask/covering in the facility. Guests without masks will be denied entry.  Guests that remove masks while not participating in a sport/activity or eating/drinking will be asked to do so. A suspension will ensue in matters of noncompliance. 


  • Spectators are not permitted for Adult Leagues.
  • Spectators are permitted for Youth Leagues as communicated by the Sports Department. Strict adherence to a 25-person maximum per field and social distancing is required

We understand that these policies are inconvenient at times and greatly appreciate your understanding and compliance. 

At FFH we are a family and we are here to support and provide a great experience to all those that we serve!!    


Warm Regards,

Rebecca Knapp

General Manager

January 1, 2021

Just a reminder about protocols that we have in place to ensure the safest environment possible for our athletes:

  • Masks are required at all times in the facility. Players may remove masks on the field only.
  • Every guest is temperature checked at the front desk upon entry.
  • Social distancing markers are placed around the fields.
  • The spectator limit is 25 guests per field for youth games.
  • No spectators are permitted for adult games.
  • No alcohol consumption after 10:00 PM.  

November 13, 2020

Field House Family,

Following the Governor’s address today, we have received a number of inquiries as to the state of play in our facility. For clarity, we reached out to the State Health Department, the enforcement agency for all orders related to COVID, and received confirmation that our restrictions do not change.

We still must maintain regulations set forth in Executive Order 67 (see below for more info), and a new amended Executive Order will be issued soon with the impacted areas updated.

That said, in order to continue offering opportunities to play, we’d like to reiterate the way that we are presently offering programming for those who may have missed it in prior communications:

  • The max capacity in our facility at any given time is 250 people.
  • Only rostered players and coaches may enter the facility.
  • For youth leagues, players age 11 and under may be accompanied by one spectator/parent/guardian.
  • In an effort to keep the transitions moving quickly from game-to-game, players will need to wait outside the building until they are called inside. Therefore, we are requesting that teams leave the facility immediately following their games so that we may remain under that 250 number at all times.
  • Masks must be worn at all times in the facility unless actively playing on a court or field. There are no exceptions.

Please ensure that we have the most up-to-date contact information for you in Dash as your league directors and our administrative staff will reach out as they receive any updates.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding during these challenging times. We will continue to work diligently to provide safe access to our programs in accordance with State guidelines.

We look forward to serving you soon. 

Kind regards,

Rebecca Knapp

General Manager

Fredericksburg Field House