To our valued guests,

The following outlines our league fee structure and payment policy. Adult Flag Football is used as an example.


There are three rates for all leagues. The Adult Flag Football Regular rate is $80. Early payment is given a $10 discount, or $70. Payment after the Regular deadline is considered late and charged an additional $10, or $90. To receive the discount or regular rate, you must pay in full during that period.

Early $70 2 weeks prior to start of season.
Regular $80 1 week prior to start of season.
Late $90 Less than 1 week before start of season.

(Late payment refers to any payment received after the regular deadline.)


Payment is required prior to any play. If you do not pay in full, you will be charged the fee which is currently in effect when you make your final payment. As an example: if you choose to pay half of your league fee at sign up and the rest by the second game, you will be charged the late rate of $90.

All leagues must be paid for by the 2nd game or the player will be removed from the roster and will not be given account credit.

Please contact us with any questions via email at [email protected].