Men's Outdoor Flag Football League

The Fredericksburg Field House’s Adult Men’s Outdoor Flag Football League is an excellent activity for individuals who love playing sports and staying active. This league is designed for men who are passionate about football and are looking for a platform to showcase their skills in the great outdoors. The league offers individuals the opportunity to improve their physical fitness, enhance their teamwork skills, and meet new people.

A fun way to relieve stress and unwind after a long day at work, this league’s competitive aspects allow individuals to channel their energies in a positive way and improve their mental health while building up the local Fredericksburg flag football community.

Program Information

  • Register as a team or as a free agent.
  • Must be 18 or older to play.
  • Late rates will be applied after the second week of the season.
  • A team must have 4 paid players to begin the season but may add players thru playoffs.
  • Refunds are only issued in the event of program cancellation.
  • Individual Player Registration (free agent)
    • Players looking for a team must register as an individual looking for a team, the Field House staff will assign themselves to a specific team if we have enough players to do so. We will contact already existing teams to see if they are looking for free agents.
  • Player-to-Team Registration
    • Each player is required to register for a team prior to the start of the season.
    • Teams will be given a code that players will use to register for their team.
  • Games played on Saturdays
  • 7-Game season + single-elimination playoff bracket
  • (2) 23-minute halves
  • Divisions:
    • D1 // Competitive
    • D2 // Advanced Recreational
    • D3 // Recreational
  • Roster limit of 13 players  ($50 per player over the limit)
  • 8v8– Men’s leagues
  • All players must show a picture ID to the field marshal before their game every week. A picture can be kept on file to expedite the process.
  • Flag belt – All players must provide their own flag belt. We will no longer be renting them out. They are sold for $10 at the front desk.
  • Shorts with no pockets

  • Turf shoes or cleats (no metal cleats)
  • Players with no signed waiver will not be allowed on the field
  • Players should log into their DaySmart account weekly to check their game time
  • Check-In
    • Prior to the start of each league game, players will be required to check in with the field marshal. Players who are not rostered will have to register or pay the drop-in fee at the front desk.
  • Substitution/Drop-In Policy
    • A substitute is allowed for any regular-season league game. This is a great chance to bring out friends who would like to try out the league but do not want to pay the full registration fee or players who are only in town for a day or two.
    • The fee is $15 per game. A substitute may play on any team.
    • Drop-in fees do not apply toward the league fee. They only apply to the league fees if the registration fee is paid the same day the player drops in.
  • Refund Policy
    • Refunds will ONLY be issued in the event of a program cancellation
  • Injury Substitutions & Roster Spot Transfers
    • Transferring of roster spots can only be done prior to the sixth regular season game. Injuries sustained in our league during the regular season are allowed to be given injury substitutions. All other injuries require a doctor’s note. Injuries sustained during the playoffs will not be subject to injury substitutions.

Behavior & Sportsmanship

  • Any player/coach who is guilty of fighting, physically confronting an official/player, threatening other players or officials, and/or flagrantly attempting to injure another player will be suspended from the league, for a period of time determined by the Director of the League. Additionally, on top of the suspension, players are subject to a fine of $25 for verbal abuse of officials, staff, or other players and $50 for physical altercations. Any imposed fine will be determined by the League Director. This fine must be paid before the player is able to return to the facility.

Summer Season: June 4 – July 30

Registration: May 9 – 30


Registration: $750 Team Fee

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